Archived. It had a broad distribution across the United States, but it was never abundant. Like the giant short-faced bear, Daeodon was ( IMO ) an omnivore, scavenger, and kleptoparasite. (1998). Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Daeodon Daeodon appears in Jurassic Park: Builder as a limited edition mammal. The entelodont was a huge, terrifying beast with few enemies and an undiscerning diet. Length: 3 M Height: 2.1 M at shoulder. Entelodonts, in their turn, were preyed on by creodonts, a family of thickly built, vaguely wolf-like mammals (which have left no close living descendants) typified by Hyaenodon and Sarkastodon. An entelodont, at its largest, had twice the body mass. Entelodont Code Name: Hell Pig Diet: Anything. Males would fight for dominance, possibly using their mandibular tubercles as protection in addition to their function as muscle attachments. Once combat is initiated one or sometimes all of the pack will produce a pheromone effect to buff the health regeneration of friendly creatures. Jan 19, 2015 - “"Wrath of a mother" a female Entelodont -Daeodon breaks the attack of a lone Dinictis upon her young” Entelodon resembled a warthog the size of a cow, but it and its relatives like Daeodon and Archaeotherium were more closely related to hippos than pigs. Bear-dogs likely crossed over from Eurasia using the Bering Land Bridge. Hyaenodon, a common predator of the era that looked like a mix between a hyena and a wild dog, stood only a meter tall. Daeodon is an extinct genus of entelodont artiodactyl that inhabited North America between 29 and 15.97 million years ago during the middle Oligocene and early Miocene epochs. Daeodon shoshonensis was the largest known entelodont, standing almost six feet tall at the shoulder. Here is the even larger Daeodon! Entelodonts were among the earliest of the pig-like lineages, known from the early to middle Eocene (c. 50 million years ago), according to Kenneth T. Wilkins, associate dean for sciences at Baylor University, Waco, Texas. It had a face studded with thick bones for protection in a fight and a stocky frame often rounded into a hump — not to mention demonic cloven hooves. 1600x1200px 1.15 MB. Entelodonts, the largest of which were the Daeodon, or "Hell pigs," roamed North America some 17 million years ago and could be the size of a horse. Jan 31, 2019 - A “hell pig” (Daeodon) vs a bear-dog (Amphicyon). Wikimedia CommonsA depiction of the terrifying entelodont. [19]. This put the hell pigs’ survival at serious risk. Though their massive jaws bragged an enormous set of sharp teeth in the front — some the size of a man’s wrist — the back molars were flat, which suggests that these demonic ancient beings may not have been fearsome predators at all. [7] That same year, an obscure entelodont, Boochoerus humerosum, was also synonymized to Daeodon by Foss and Fremd (1998) and, albeit its status as a distinct species was retained, they note that the differences could still be attributed to individual or population variation or sexual dimorphism. But the largest species of the entelodont is even more nightmarish: meet the Daeodon, whose name roughly translates to “hostile” and “tooth.”. Family: Entelodontidae. Daeodon, the biggest of the entelodonts, was the largest species to live in North American since the dinosaurs. Daeodon - Daeodon is an extinct genus of entelodont artiodactyl that inhabited North America between 29 to 19 million years ago during the late Oligocene and early Miocene epochs. Arctotherium angustidens vs Daeodon is one of those violent bloody fights which is liable to end with either or both being killed. Towards the end of their existence, larger more vicious animals appeared in North America. Weight: 421 kg Time period: Middle Eocene to early Miocene 37.2—16.3 MYA The exact answer is unknown. The largest genus of entelodont, known as the Daeodon, could grow up to 2,000 pounds. Mid Oligocene/Early Miocene (29–19 m.y) Daeodon is an Entelodont from the late Oligocene to early Miocene of North America. The entelodont was the largest species to live in North America since the dinosaurs. Dimensions: length - 3 m, height - 210 сm, weight ~ 1000 kg. [1][2], Although not specified in Cope's original description, the name Daeodon comes from the Greek words daios, meaning "hostile" or "dreadful" and odon, meaning "teeth". Temporal range: during the Early Miocene (North America) - 23—18 million years ago. Daeodon shoshonensis Daeodon, one of the largest, if not the largest, entelodont artiodactyls, lived 25-18 million years ago in North America. Aptly named, Daeodon comes from the Greek word