Be careful, though. Keep it in full sun, thought maybe it needs less light. A year ago we moved and I repotted this plant, which had lived through many moves before, into a glazed pot and had placed in the direct sun of our new house. If you got here looking for general information on caring for your Holiday cactus, hop over to the Holiday cactus care article instead. If you don’t live near a nursery or want to buy a Christmas cactus or Thanksgiving cactus when they are not in season, there are a number of plant growers that sell them online on Amazon and Etsy. Thank you. In the spring, you could re-pot with a different that is coarse and fast draining. Hi. Are the leaves turning limp? You maybe got it last year. Thanksgiving cactus usually blooms from November through December. I really want to do good w/this one! We were very happy with our purchase and our installation. They have not chipped, scratched since installation, nor are they showing any wear. Worst case scenario for these plants is root rot from overwatering. Christmas cactus in bloom. Christmas cacti have flattened leaves with rounded teeth with fibrous hairs in the leaf joints. Q. Thanksgiving Cactus - I was away for 2 weeks on vacation. Mealy bugs show up as tiny white insects that have a cotton-like look to them. Good luck! Holiday cacti can be very long-lived. This is often caused by a lack of water or too much direct sunlight. Get all the tips! Luckily, holiday cacti are strong plants and most problems can be fixed. Getting those things right will go a long way towards keeping your plant happy and healthy. Hi Diana, Hooray for saving plants. After that, you cared for it throughout the year. Be careful when you get to the roots. Understand we had over 30 base and wall cabinets, dishwasher front and a large hood installed to accommodate the 6 burner Wolf oven and cooktop. Holiday cacti like things to stay the same. We were are very happy with our completed project. The only way to properly see if this has happened is to unpot it...inspect the roots, cut away any that appear sick...and do consider re-potting with fresh potting soil. Hi Paula, Have you tried repotting your plant already? READ: Toxic plants and Pets. Now get to know this iconic cactus of the Sonoran Desert, Stock up on these treats and essentials to make even blustery days and snowed-in time feel special, The dazzling magenta flowers of this cactus will snag your heart — just beware the bristles that can stick in your skin, It hosted 48 for Thanksgiving and has cushions as big as beds. But hearing there is a fungus and it is in such a big pot, it might be time to repot to save it. You can store one set of the inheritance in your other room?, or Craigs list it, but imo, keep one set and have it done your way. When you overwater, it can cause root rot. When should they start to show up? Start after blooming a soon as new growth appears. When a cactus is over-watered, it will swell up more and more and often times the cactus stem will become so saturated that it splits open in one or more places. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about thanksgiving cactus? Because these will root from cuttings, after it finishes blooming you could break off the longer stems at a joint and place the broken ends in the dirt all around the original rooted plant and end up with a thicker pot full of the plant next spring. I don’t know if he had ever transplanted it,but the soil is rock hard . If it's so hard you can't separate it with something sharp, you can try to soften it with water first. You can expect a few leaf segments to drop after you do all this because of the stress the plant went through. That is to be expected when you have a very large kitchen, wet bar and laundry room renovation with a very large number of cabinets ($30,000 worth) ordered. My feeling is though - you'd like to keep some pieces. Good luck! Epiphytic plants such as holiday cactus are especially susceptible to mineral salt damage. The Thanksgiving cactus is an example of a stem cutting and I will be talking about this technique as well as others at my “Plants & Design: Multiply Your Plants” workshop. The plant itself seems healthy. I'll let it sit there for several hours! No need to do anything. I think my problem may be overwatering. It came with all these buds ready to flower. They sell organic fungicide sprays on amazon. READ: Where and How to buy indoor plants. They'll usually need less water in winter during summer growing season unless you keep your home really warm and the heat dries out the soil. I've got one of my XCacti sitting in a basin of water as we speak! HOLIDAY CACTUS . Thanks for any advise ! Water drains rapidly from my medium and I like to make certain that the plant is completely stoked with water before I let it dry out again. It is plastic and way too big for the plant. Continue to water sparingly every few days until the soil is lightly moist. The good thing is, that with the right care, these strong plants can perk up rather quickly. Not one glass front was cracked or chipped. I find that many people, so concerned with over-watering their succulents, deprive them of proper watering when their plants need it. Zygocactus truncata). To remove mealybugs, use a toothpick or soft toothbrush to take them off. It soon began to drop all of its leaves. By following these easy steps, you'll have your plant blooming in time for the holidays. Let me start with the white film on the bottom of the terra cotta pot. I live in a plant-filled home with my husband and six year old son. It’s easy for even the well-trained eye to mistake them for the same plant. Holiday cacti will want to bloom as the days shorten and temperature drops. Did we have some issues with a few cabinets that came in the wrong size? As an epiphyte, it often has exposed roots and gathers most of its moisture through humidity in the air. Pictures do not reflect laundry room cabinets. In an east window, it can more easily detect the lengthening of days -- a signal to grow -- and the shortening of days -- a signal to bloom. Gently remove all the wet soil and repot your plant in a smaller pot with drainage holes and well-draining soil. These plants feature pink, red, white, or yellow flowers on their flatt… This variation of holiday cactus has very flat stems and broad leaves that have rounded indentations. Don't allow your C.C. Let’s talk plants! When the soil stays wet for too long it can cause the plant to rot, which in turn causes those stem segments to drop. How to WaTER CHRISTMAS CACTUS, THANKSGIVING CACTUS, and Easter cactus Watering your holiday cactus will be a little different from what you may be used to with your other plants and succulents. This is usually due to a lack of nutrients and being exposed to way too much bright light. Continue to water sparingly every few days until the soil is lightly moist. If "full sun" at your place, this time of year, means "very strong light & warmth", then that may be too much.Where I live days are quite gloomy this time of year, so I give my plants "full daylight" near the window with no shading. Roots die within those dry areas, which causes wilting! I have been letting it dry out slightly before watering again. I have a very small home myself as it is my retirement home. By adding a couple of spoon fulls of these water marbles to a gallon pot and mixing them in the soil, you can water less often. This could cause the flowers or buds to drop. The rot can cut off water to the rest of the plant which will cause buds to drop. My cactus was my fathers who passed away 10 years ago. These plants like to stay in the same spot in the same way. If it’s too low, that too can cause buds and flowers to dry up and drop. Thanksgiving cactus (Schlumbergera truncata), Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii) and Easter cactus (Schlumbergera gaertneri) are popular houseplants, often given as gifts during the holiday season.They are grown for their beautiful, exotic flowers. Another reason for buds or flowers to drop from your holiday cactus could be overwatering. I have an old Easter cactus from my grandmother. Jugenstihl, for example is deco inspired but definitely antique and looks fine with more contemporary pieces as long as the room isn't overcrowded. Keep an eye on it. Root rot is a common issue, partially solved by reducing watering. They are just called leaves by many people. Thanksgiving cactus problems. Please help me repot and take care of her. Get the easy fixes to all common holiday cacti problems. I'd hate to knock off the existing buds. READ: How to know its time water your indoor plants. The Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii or Schlumbergera x buckleyi), Thanksgiving Cactus (Schlumbergera truncata) and Easter Cactus (Schlumbergera gaertneri) are all Holiday Cacti. As a result, the roots lack water and start to die. While a cactus can usually recover from this, the other result of over-watering (especially when combined with cold temperatures) is rot . Around the holidays, Christmas Cactus, Thanksgiving Cactus, and Easter Cactus plants are commonly sold in most nurseries and garden centers. Stem segments getting a reddish hue and slowly turning a deeper red or purple can happen to Christmas Cacti, Thanksgiving Cacti, and the Easter Cacti. They are also beautiful, especially when in bloom. Does anyone know what houseplant this is. After researching I repotted the plant with cacti soil into a terra cotta plant and moved it to another room with indirect sunlight. Thanks for the advice. Street lights, car lights, or indoor lighting can disrupt the required dark period. Use your fingers to gently tease away the old soil. I have another question: Do you pick off the dead flowers? It happens a lot during the summer. The major disease is root rot, which can be prevented by a… to sit for any extended time in that drainage water. If it's rock hard you could use some type of skewer to break apart the soil. Yes, of course, but what company doesn't have these issues (i.e. We use warm water with dishwashing detergent, wipe and dry. Good luck! This also explains why many plants drop buds right after purchase. Christmas Cactus Problems. To fix and rescue your plant, begin by giving the plant a little bit of water. ). They went over and above what we expected from a customer care standpoint. I have indoor outdoor carpeting in the garage and I also have my garage walls painted....I even have baseboards and crown molding and the ceiling is drywall the garage looks very much like a room. Find thanksgiving cactus stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. The Thanksgiving cactus (Schlumgera truncata) has pointed and claw-shaped projections whilst the Easter cactus (Schlumgera gaertneri) will have very rounded edges. You don't have to do all of this...but you can I am sure come up with something like this...I hope this helps. I still have it in the same pot that I received it in. Brightening up the holidays they’re named after with their colorful flowers. Plants can get sunburnt too. Please help. While it's flowering it should be moist , but not wet / overwatered.After flowering you keep it a bit dryer for a period untill new growth starts. With any plant that shows signs of wilting....a thorough watering should improve things within a couple hours.If it does not perk up, then you have to suspect the roots have been given possibly too much water....maybe so much that the soil around them is soggy...and rot has begun. Don’t think it doesn’t need a lot of water. Let the cut end dry for a day or two. Don't fertilize when it is growing flower buds or is already flowering. Thanksgiving Cactus Plant Care. It is saying that it went through some type of stress. While the Christmas cactus stems hang down like a pendent, the Thanksgiving cactus has stems that grow upright at first and then arch. Holiday cacti are strong plants and it should recover over time. In general, home gardeners do pretty well with Christmas cactus, both the real thing (Schlumbergera x buckleyi) and its close relative, Thanksgiving cactus (S. truncata), which I’ll call holiday cacti in this article. Your plant should soon look a lot better! You may know it as Christmas cactus, but whichever holiday floats your boat, this plant is a year-round beauty, These prickly desert plants transform in spring with the arrival of their colorful blossoms, We feel blessed with abundance sharing all these wonderful, creative Thanksgiving table decorations by Houzz users, Houzzers prove adept at snatching victory from the jaws of entertaining defeat, With the right kitchen tools and servewear, hosting the big holiday meal can be (almost) as easy as pie, You’ve seen its form in films, on souvenirs and much more. Keep reading for all typical issues you can have with your Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter cactus. They get stressed when they get moved. Now this is something I need to mention, those green, flat ‘leaves’ are actually segmented stems. Pot them again. Help! I've found my CC's do much better in clay pots. Hi Lois, Fertilize your Christmas cactus monthly when it's actively growing. Let me tell you those are very common problems with indoor holiday cactus plants. It does sound like some action is required. Do you know that the sales representative from Innermost even came to our house to personally manage the issues even after Home Depot contacted them. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. Their stress shows when the buds or flowers drop. By giving your plant a dark treatment starting 6-8 weeks before the desired bloom time you can mimic the natural habitat of your holiday cactus. It's not harmful, you can clean it off if you want. Yes, decoenthusiaste makes a valid argument. Mealy bugs are an insect that can be a problem for your Thanksgiving cactus. This means that when your plant gets too much light or too high temperatures it won’t be triggered to start the blooming process. You may be watering either too little or not often enough. Plants may be susceptible to mealy bugs, and if there is a problem of waterlogging then the root rot can occur. If it’s a Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter cactus these things can happen. ;=) It's alright to change the initial design unless you are being a purist and plan to resell at a huge markup. I'm Deborah Green. On top of that, the flower buds will always turn towards the light. You can also check out my other article all about general holiday cactus care. Thanksgiving cactus is easy to propagate by taking leaf cuttings in May or June. Holiday cactus are easy to grow and often passed down through the generations. Both If you’ve neglected to water the limp Christmas cactus, begin by giving the plant a limited drink. Those awful peaty mediums develop dry pockets unless they are completely saturated on watering day. However, just because it started with tuxedo tufting doesn't mean it has to stay that way. Usually its the lack of water. (Read When your Christmas Cactus Blooms Too Early to know how to distinguish between the two.) With the watering, keep in mind to always water to drainage....then dump the excess. Thanksgiving cactus. Although a real cactus, your holiday cactus is a tropical plant. First of all, it is perfectly normal for your holiday cactus to drop a few flower buds in the process. Zygocactus is a common name for Thanksgiving cactus (Schlumbergera truncata syn. I bought 8 new T.C.-s last fall, and had that happening to one of them, it was smaller than the others, but I watered it in the same way. When this happens, your plant is again trying to tell you something. cabinets damaged during shipping, size 1/2 inch off specs, etc.). If you can choose a pot w/tray w/lip for watering from the bottom, your soil will not get as compacted as quickly, you will need to water thoroughly from the top once to ensure soil is against the plant w/o air pockets.