You know the kind: the Novus Ordo finishes, they shuffle out, we shuffle in, hold confessions and Mass, and leave again. Real love and care is taken to make sure that every service is pleasing to God. . The Society of Saint Pius X in Quebec is pleased to reopen its chapels to the public. Other Latin Mass offerings are treated with intense suspicion and mild disapproval. I still believe that the allegations made by CM are presented in the worst possible light without fair presentation of: a.) District Learn about the District House of the SSPX located in the heart of America. Antonio Socci: The Real Objective of the Film ‘Francesco’ Is To Bring Down Trump and Elect Biden, Scapegoating Francis: How the Revolution of Vatican II Serves the New World Order, Vatican Survey on Status of Summorum Pontificum Revealed, Latest Viganò Bombshell: Third Secret of Fatima “Remains Secret to This Day”. By deciding to publish an ambiguous letter on abortion, the Italian daily Avvenire - a newspaper owned by the Conference of Italian Bishops (CEI) - has not been without creating unease and controversy beyond the Alps. I made it through half a Vortex video before I had to shut it off. To be frank, some of the accusers seem deeply troubled with personality characteristics that lend to falsifying allegations. CFN Blog Dr. Maike Hickson. Many of them were mishandled, badly. the context c.) the psychological problems of some of the accusers. Karl, If I understand you correctly, brother, I certainly agree with the thrust of your comments—-ANY lack of charity between TLM goers, Novus Ordo, SSPX or ANY faithful can be an act of schism, since this sin is a sin against charity and against the unity of the Church. Close submenu of Locations. On April 22, 2020, the website Church Militant published a story against the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) with the inflammatory title, “SSPX—Sympathetic to Perverts.” The story, among other things, purports to expose a culture of coverups regarding sexual … Catholic Family News. The priest has the power to provide the sacraments to souls for their sanctification; instrument The priest is an instrument of God with a sacramental character enabling him to confer the sacraments; vocation A calling to the priesthood is supernatural and personal. Argentina: Controversy Over Seminary Closure . jamesdelinis Uncategorized April 30, 2020 October 30, 2020. It would appear that there is (again) some controversy as to the 'status' of the SSPX. April 24, 2020. I occasionally (maybe every other month or so) attended the SSPX Chapel in Etobicoke, Ontario for my Sunday obligation. (St. Luke 18:8). Several of the accusers strike me as having these personality types. I love the Society, I hope it grows, but it is apparent that housecleaning is in order. When Church Militant broke the allegations against the Society, Modernist Rome Just Told Catholics Injecting Yourselves With Dead Babies is Cool, Explaining Heaven, Hell, the Soul, Sin and Jesus in Under 300 Words, The First Sunday of Advent: The Beginning of the Liturgical Year, Re-Post From May 5: We are going to be quarantined for Christmas, because Coronavirus is a dagger aimed at the heart of the Church, Follow The Camp of Saints on CFN Blog CFN Media. Source: Controversy about a book from Benedict XVI and Cardinal Robert Sarah . May 20, 2020 - 12:00 pm.-The Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) is under investigation in Kansas, amid allegations that members of the group perpetrated or covered up clerical sex abuse in the state. Marthe Robin at the Heart of a Controversy. Close submenu of Publications. ... Weekly News Roundup: Church Militant-SSPX Controversy, Vatican Survey on TLM, Viganò Bombshell. Denounces “slanderous piece of yellow journalism”… SSPX responds to Church Militant Report on Sexual Abuse [UPDATE 24-APR-2020 03:00 UTC: Church Militant‘s Response to SSPX]Yesterday, Apr.